The Legendary of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry in Mizoram:  



Domesticating animals has been a part of life for most Mizo families. Rearing of Pigs,Mithun,Poultry birds,Cattle,Sheep,Goats,Dogs and Cats has been a common practice in the Mizo community since time immemorial. On May 1890.a full fledged Government office of the Deputy Commissioner's started functioning in Mizoram which was manned by Captain Brown. All the Government services except civil Surgeon and commandant and Assam Rifles were under the direct control and supervision of the District commissioner.

             In regards to Veterinary and Animal Husbadry services,Dr.Khumi Angami was the firstVeterinary Doctor to join in Mizoram.Hewasattatched to D.C office North Block in October 1917.After a year and some month,he was replaced by Dr.Hucha Savino Angami who remained in Mizoram for five and half years.

             In 1920 the first Veterinary Dispensary building and Doctor's quarter were constructed at the site of the present Presbyterian Church at Chhinga veng Aizawl. The first Mizo appointee under AH & Veterinary Department was Mr Tuahsanga who was appointed grade four during 1920.He worked in this capacity with the only Veterinary Doctor H.S Angami.

                In January 1924 Dr H.S Angami was transferred outside Mizoram and replaced by the first Mizo Veterinary Doctor named Doctor Pawi Sasem Dahrawka,who had just got graduation from Bengal Veterinary College, Calcutta. Dr. Dahrawka was officially appointed on 7.10.1925.

             This very day of 7th 10.1925 is a memorable day in respect of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry services for the people of Mizoram in general and especially for Veterinarians in particular. When Mizoram became a Union Territory on 21st,January 1972,various Departments started functioning separately from the D.C office. During this period, AH & Vety Dept., Soil and Water Conservation Dept. and Forest Dept. were under Agriculture Dept. headed by one Director.During 1972-1973,post of Deputy Director(vety) was created and Dr R.Kapthuama was appointed head of the Wing /Cell of AH & Vety. The post of Deputy Director (Vety) was upgraded to Jt. Director post in 1st Nov.1974.Since then AH & Vety wing under Agriculture Dept. started functioning as a separate Dep. headed by Jt.Director.

              On 22nd Sept.1978 Joint Director post was Re-designated as Director but vested financial power of Joint Director and finally on 1.9.1981, and the post was upgraded to full-fledged Director on 1.9.1981. Then Dr.Kapthuama PhD continued to be head of the Department Independently, as Director till he retired from service on 28.2.1994.



The Veterinary Doctor posted at Aizawl with their tenure in Mizoram till 1954 when Lushai Hills Community Development Block was established at Aizawl are as follows :-

Year of Joining                      Tenure In Mizoram                     Name of Vety. Doctor

October 1917                         Upto June 1919                          Kruvi Sanno Anpanri
June 1919                              Upto January 1924                     Hucke Sanno Anpanri
January 1924                         October 1925                             Vacant
October 1925                         Upto December 1951                  P.S. Dahrawka
December 1951                      Upto 1954                                 Dr. Zokhuma