Introduction to INDBRO Poultry Hatchery Farm, Tanhril under Zoram Poultry Development Society (ZPDS):-

     The INDBRO Poultry Hatchery Farm, Tanhril is an undertaking by AH & Vety Department, Government of Mizoram, established using funds from RIDF (NABARD) and RKVY. The Farm was Inaugurated by the Hon’ble AH & Vety Minister, Pu _ on the 19th of May 2015. The farm is managed by Zoram Poultry Development Society under collaboration with INDBRO Research and Breeding Farm, Pvt, Ltd, Hyderabad.

    The INDBRO Poultry Hatchery Farm, Tanhril is the first of its kind in Poultry farming sector of Mizoram incorporating modern technology and utilizing several breakthroughs in Poultry Science & Technology, such as Individual cage system, Artificial Insemination (AI), nipple system automated drinker, Feather Sexing etc. The main purpose of the farm is to initiate self sufficiency of the state of Mizoram in egg and poultry meat production by marketing high performance low cost birds for poultry farmers. The farm is equipped with genetically superior birds capable of high production even in adverse conditions. Day old Chicks (DoC) produced in the farm will be marketed at Rs. 30/chick for unsexed bird, Rs.10/chick for Sexed male Layer and Rs.50/chick for sexed female layer as against market price of Rs.60/unsexed chick with unknown performance imported from outside the state.

    At present, the farm is managing 3 Parental Stock of poultry, all of which are inducted from INDBRO Research & Breeding Fafm, Pvt,Ltd, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. The various poultry breeding stock along with their current status are as follows.


1).INDBRO Brown Layers (IBL) Parental Stock :- 

     As the name suggest, this is a Layer stock for production of Commercial Layers with capacity to lay 300+ eggs per year. The IBL was inducted into the farm on the 3rd of May 2015. Currently, the farm housed 1469 nos of IBL with 1303 Female & 166 Males. Laying started on the later part of September and AI was initiated successfully from 2nd Nov 2015. During the last 2 stages of Incubation for Departmental farms, 11802 chicks has been hatched on the 8th & 16th of December 2015, with a hatching percentage of almost 80%. The DoC will be available to the public from mid-February of 2016. So far, the IBL has performed incredibly well, now in their 34th weeks their Hen Day Egg Production (HDEP) is 72.26% .

2).Rainbow Roosters (RR) Parental Stock :- 
       This is a dual purpose poultry breed which can be reared as both as Layers for egg purpose as well as for meat purpose. RR was inducted into the farm on the 12th of May 2015 with a current strength of 1266 RR, ie. 1188 Female & 78 Male. Laying started on early November 2015 and AI initiated on November. RR has also been successful hatched on 8th & 16th December 2015.

3).INDBRO Fast White FSY Parental Stock :- 
        This is the newest addition to the farm, induction of INDBRO Fast White was done on the 4th of November 2015. Commercial Broilers will be produced from this stock. The birds have performed incredibly well attaining 1 Kg on the 3rd week. At present the farm housed 1842 breeders with 1523 females & 319 male breeders. Production of Commercial Broilers is expected during May-June 2016.